Xfce now also has a Dock

Xfce now also has a Dock

Through a German forum of another distribution which I don’t use for a long time I found an interesting news.
For the desktop XFCE4 there is a panel plugin to create a dockbar.

However, this PlugIn must still be installed.

dnf in xfce4-docklike-plugin

The only annoyance. You have to start the application first to attach it to the dock so that it remains as a starter. This should be done directly in the desired order because you can not sort the starters afterwards. At least I haven’t managed to do it yet.

Now I just ask myself; Who has already known about it and did not let me know? :thinking:
Or, why was I too lazy to look on the page of XFCE again? :roll_eyes:

Since I didn’t find a category Off-Topic, I post it here.

We have a water cooler category but not here at ask.fedora but on discussion.fedora: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/ → more precisely: The Water Cooler - Fedora Discussion :wink:

We have also a social channel in Matrix/IRC where you will regularly find conversations around such topics: https://chat.fedoraproject.org/#/room/#social:fedoraproject.org

Once a week, there is also a special social hour at this Matrix channel:

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Thanks for the links.
Since the SocialChannels over IRC/Matrix or others are nothing for me I find the link to discussion.fedoraproject.org interesting. Whether one reaches there with contributions so many people as here on AskFedora I doubt however.
Maybe I write a few suggestions for improvement in the channel provided.

Absolutely! Having discussions about how to improve is the major goal of discussion.fp :wink:

But for now, ask.fp is focused on helping people with their questions and problems, except announcements, site feedback and such.

Looking forward to your thoughts in discussion.fp!