Wrong Loader Entries for initramfs

I work with a fully automatic installation, (FAI see fai-project.org). First of all a basic file system is installed, then Grub and Kernel are installed via package lists, after that a reboot is done and the system starts correctly after relabeling.

Some notebooks need the Nvidia driver so I wrote a script to install it:

$ROOTCMD dnf -y config-manager --set-enabled rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver

$ROOTCMD dnf -y check-update

$ROOTCMD dnf -y install akmod-nvidia

$ROOTCMD dracut --regenerate-all

The Nvidia driver is also installed correctly but, in the loader entries there is now the following line:

initrd initrd.img

But here should be

initrd /boot/path-to-initramfs.img

What did I do wrong?

I am guessing since I have never needed dracut at any stage when installing the nvidia drivers.
I do the preceding line with the install of akmod-nvidia and the system manages the rest. It seems unnecessary to run the dracut command for me.

Yes, I am confirm with you the dracut --regenerate-all command is not necessary.
But also without it the initrd is wrong.

Is it really? At the point where the initramfs is loaded the system has not yet even mounted file systems. The initramfs is the virtual file system and is accessed from the root of the /boot partition which means it would be accessed directly as initramfs…img and not using the /boot prefix.

If the root file system is ext4 and you have no separate /boot partition then the path /boot/initramfs…img would be correct.

Yes thats right. The Filesystem is not mounted until the FAI is ready for reboot.
The fai mounts the basefilesystem to /target and the command $ROOTCMD chrooted in thir /target system and do the comands

Is it possible to change the initrd path by a grubby parameter?
Or any else command?