Would Fedora work on a V15-IIL (Lenovo) laptop - type 82C5

Once I tried Linux Manjaro, but it freezes a bit and touchpad doesn’t work,
I would like to know not to wake this up with fedora.

my laptop is V15-IIL (Lenovo) laptop - type 82C5

4 GB RAM? That is too little for modern, default Linux distributions like Fedora Workstation. You should consider trying a lightweight desktop environment from https://spins.fedoraproject.org/

Also, you can just run a live system and see how it behaves…


Thanks but my laptop has 8 gb ram, and about live system thanks I’ll try, might it problem with manjaro no with fedora

I don’t know what hardware is built into your machine, but I don’t see why Fedora, even Workstation with Gnome, would not work.
Maybe you have to install proprietary driver for wifi or so but you can fix that after install. Again, the live system is the best to test without actually modifying anything on your machine.

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