Keyboard and touchpad not working on Lenovo laptop

I recently installed Fedore on my laptop, but the keyboard and touchpad are not working on it. I also have Windows on my laptop, keyboard and touchpad work perfectly there, only on Fedora they don’t. How can I fix this?
Btw I’m just learning about linux and my laptop model is Lenovo V15 G4

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In your case just the Model an Generation of your Laptop will not be enough information to give you some use full advice’s.

I’ll try and be more specific. Keyboard and touchpad are not working only in Fedora, they work on Windows, BIOS, even Grub, but when I enter Fedora or any other Linux distro keyboard stops working. Some function keys like the one for brightness work. I saw many people with Lenovo laptops having this problem, but didn’t seem to find any solution. When I plug in external keyboard or mouse, they work fine.

Yes this is the point, your model has several different configurations. So please read on the link i posted to get more information how to gather info’s from your system.

Windows und Linux are different. Hardware generally gets drivers included in the kernel (on Linux). And manufacturers deliver drivers for Windows only many times. Tweaking is needed, and this is just possible if we really know what Hardware you are using.

So please inform you on the link I posted, to get a better Idea how you will get help in a Linux community, when you just have Windows Drivers working.

You can also Check your Hardware here:

OK, here is the hardware probe URL:

I tried some methods before that are related to i8042 grub command, not sure if I executed it correctly, but it did not fix the problem. As I said, I’m new to Linux so I might use some incorrect names or terms. Hope I’ll get help here.

Take a look at, 218003 – Multiple AMD Lenovo laptops keyboards do not work under Linux (including V14/V15 G14 AMN)

It looks they the issue has been identified but they’re still discussing how to resolve it.


So, only thing left is to wait? I would also love to hear how to apply a patch.

You can give this a shot, Testing Patches :: Fedora Docs

Thanks, but I still don’t see where exactly I put the patch I want to in those commands :slight_smile:
There is still too much to learn for me, guess I’ll just wait for the official fix then.