Workstation in VM no longer boots since kernel 6.8.10

Hi all, since the update to kernel 6.8.10 (including 6.8.11) my computer no longer boots, instead it is stuck at the following message:

Job dev-disk-by\x2duuid-a8089053\xd91e3\x2d4a6a\x2d8164\x2db59f1f41c79f.device/start running

I don’t recognise this strange UUID as one of the filesystems in /etc/fstab. Booting the earlier kernel 6.8.9 kernel via grub still works.

My workstation is a libvirt VM with a dedicated GPU via PCIe passthrough. The disk and network devices are VirtIO. I guess this is a relatively rare configuration, so it may have something to do with this issue.

Does anyone happen to have an idea or suggestion how to troubleshoot this issue?

[SOLVED] Boot hang - Job dev-disk-by\x2uuid... [no limit] - #3 by computersavvy

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Thank you! I expected an existing post but could not find it

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