Wireless (Intel Wifi 6 AX200) and Touchpad not working - Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro - fedora 34

Dear community!

I have been using Fedora for years on a desktop PC and have now bought a new laptop (LENOVO Ideapad 5 PRO), on which of course i also want to install Fedora 34.

Now it is unfortunately so that my network card (WLAN) is not recognized. It is an Intel Wifi 6 AX200 card and according to the Intel website the card should be compatible with the kernel. I have already downloaded the actual firmware driver from the Intel site and put it in the directory /lib/firmware, unfortunately the network card or rather the WLAN is still not recognized. Secure Boot has been deactivated. I also noticed that the touchpad does not always work after a reboot.

Unfortunately, the laptop does not have an Ethernet network card, so i have to rely on the WLAN. I have also not been able to update the system yet, as it is too slow via the phone’s Bluetooth connection.

Would be great if someone could help me in this regard and I thereby get the WLAN to run. I haven’t dealt with the touchpad issue yet, but maybe someone can tell me something about that as well.

Kind regards

I finally found out why. Lenovo’s side shows that an Intel module is installed. After several hours i found out that a Realtek module was installed instead of the Intel module.

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What you did? I have the same problem.