[WIP] Migration guide

Matthew created a guide for email users, but i think we need a very specific and ideally short “migration guide” for people who are used to Fedora mailing lists and are trying to adjust to DIscourse layout.

Imagine I am a contributor, who has been subscribed to a devel-announce@, devel@ and packaging@ mailing lists. And I participated once in a while commenting on a change or answering a question regarding RPM macro there.

And I am not really looking for a change or exploration of new features.

How Discourse is going to work for me?

Proposal (WIP, can be updated)

devel-announce@ stays as a mailing list

There is also News & Announcements Category on the forum, which must have the same information tagged with Announce List

devel@ is #engineering

If you do not know anything else, and don’t want to get lost that should be enough to get it going.

When to use #engineering vs#*-team/sig/wg tags

  • There is an engineering question about <topic>, which might be specifically interesting for members of a particular working group, team, SIG,:
    => Use #engineering, #<name>-wg/team/sig and #<topic>
    Example: #engineering, #ci-sig, #zuul

  • There is a question related to the process, internal matters of a specific group/team/sig (for example, chairing a meeting, introducing a new member…):
    => Use #<name>-wg/team/sig

  • There is an engineering question about <topic> and I don’t know which SIG might be interested in it:
    => Use #engineering and #<topic>
    Example: #engineering, #uefi, #systemd

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I’m open to calling this something else. But we shouldn’t change it too often. :classic_smiley: