Wine - libxslt i686 conflicts with the x86_64 version

I’m trying to install wine on fedora 36. On the wiki, there’s a list of dependencies to install, including both i686 and x86_64 versions of libxslt, but when I try to intstall these two packages I get a transaction test error:

Error: Transaction test error:
  file /usr/share/doc/libxslt-devel/EXSLT/devhelp/Makefile from install of libxslt-devel-1.1.35-1.fc36.i686 conflicts with file from package libxslt-devel-1.1.35-1.fc36.x86_64

This wasn’t an issue in previous releases of fedora. How can I fix this? I’m asking because when upgrading to 36, I had to remove one of these packages, and now one particular game I’ve been running with proton keeps crashing.