Windows is not showing grub

/boot ext4 999mb
/home btrfs 199gb encrypted
/ btrfs 99gb encrypted
/boot/efi EFIpartation 999mb

now the problem is when i did it first time … if i go inside bios setting i can boot on windows…
for some of my experiment fedora cursh and i installed fedora same way just format those 4 partition and created same way now windows is gone completely

i think i shouldn’t format /boot and /boot/efi ? or just one of them

If you dual boot another OS, you must not format the partition being mounted to /boot/efi since the windows boot loader resides there as well.

Btw 100-200 MB is a sufficient size for that partition.

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is there any solution

repairing windows efi

I am not familiar with windows but I am the process has been described in a topic here. Did you search the forum already?

Basically you need Windows tools to repair the install (reinstalling windows boot loader) onto the ESP.

hmm i asked because my condition is different . thanks doing more research

You need to boot the windows install media and use its repair functionality to re-create the boot loader entries.

In Fedora, run


too see more.

efibootmgr -v | paste

there is no 2 fedora on my nvme why there is 2 fedora>? i seen it on bios

lsblk | paste

Related to secure boot - leave as is.

In the future, feel free to paste command outputs here. You should format them as “Preformatted Text”, so they look nice.

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On a dual boot machine you should never format an existing efi partition since that will wipe out the boot loader for the existing OS. Fedora is quite happy to coexist with windows in the same efi partition.

/boot/efi is shared
/boot is fedora only so it can be formatted during install.

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