Will Flatpak 1.11.x be backported to Fedora 34 (Silverblue)?

Flatpak 1.11.x contains many new attractive features and fixes, so it would be a nice package upgrade.
Especially on Silverblue. :slight_smile:

Isn’t flatpak 1.11.x only a development version for 1.12?

Source: https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak/releases:

F35 will likely be released with 1.12

fixes, espcially security-related issue are backported to 1.10, see the changelogs for the 1.10 releases.

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Doesn’t look like it. I see updates to F35, but not F34.


You can file a bug to request the maintainer to do the update. However, we follow the updates policy where we don’t push major changes to stable Fedora releases. You can see this here:

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@augenauf @ankursinha Ok, I didn’t notice that 1.11.x are development releases, but thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

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Even if it wasn’t a development release, the package update policy still applies, and so I’d not expect the new version to get to F34. As @augenauf noted, security fixes and other bug-fixed would be ported back to the current 1.10 release.

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