[WiFi loop] Fedora 35 forget password it saved for "ABC" wifi & ask for password again. And saves that network under new name "ABC 2"!

I wonder what I file a bug report against this weird condition. This is not a new thing. But it is not a good thing to exist.

Here the WiFi Name is: Jai Shree Muktinath 5 where 5 means 5Ghz router.
Its password is: Jai_Ma_Kali_OM

Even though the WiFi password is not changed, GNOME asks me its password. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen sometimes when I restart my computer or when I power on the device.

Usually, the computer connects to the WiFi network as soon as I power it on. But 1 out of 4 times, I get in this weird situation where I retype the same old password which is saved inside its WiFi setting.

Take a look at this video: Screencast from 02-02-2022 10:55:03 AM
Selecting the WiFi name from the top panel, ask me for password.
Selecting the WiFi name from the GNOME setting, doesn’t connect to the network.
I have no other option left but to retype the same password again.

Is this is a known bug? Where I complain about this isssue?

May be you can try not to delete the older SSID and leave it there and give all of them the password needed. If the connection change, compare the value of Details tab from the wifi configuration are there any different from each others.

May be you can try not to delete the older SSID and leave it there and give all of them the password needed.

Doing so will create multiple wifi SSID with the same password, which doesn’t make sense.
My question is, my ask for the password, when it DOESN’T REALLY NEED?

That’s a new way to look at problem. But sadly there is NO difference between Jai Shree Muktinath 5 1 and Jai Shree Muktinath 5. Every detail matches with another.

Any idea what’s happening. @oprizal

I’m no expert on networking but my bundled modem have 2 SSID. One set by me the other the SSID created by ISP.

Btw from your video, each name followed by different wifi frequency: 2.4, 5, and 5.1 Hz. May be you also want to check your wifi modem and find why this happen. Or just set it to stay at one frequency only.


Just check my modem and read your post, look like I misunderstand lot of things. My bad :joy:

May be you want to test by creating only one SSID and then try to connect it instead multiple SSID with different frequency(?) if that SSID from your video are comes from same modem.

Multiple frequencies are not a problem.
2.4 GHz is recommended when the user is far from the router.
5 GHz is recommended when the user is near the router.

Creating only one SSID doesn’t really solve it because I used to have this problem before I upgraded my router to a 2.4/5Ghz router.

Assumed the modem config are fine, maybe you want to try reinstall sudo dnf reinstall NetworkManager gnome-keyring if there anything wrong with both of them especially with Gnome Keyring that responsible for saving the secret in Gnome env and then reboot.

I did reinstall those two packages.

I will give you an update if I ran into a similar situation.