Wifi, bluetooth and display resolution broken after update

Fedora is acting sus

After update: wifi and Bluetooth not working
Secure boot? Let’s disable it
After that it started to work even worse with 800x600 resolution

I reinstalled 2 times in wich i installed updates

I reinstalled third time but without update

Kernel 5.19.14

Please provide more useful information about the hardware concerned and log information.

Following commands will help you find useful information about your hardware. Please paste relevant outputs as Preformatted Text here.

lspci -nn

inxi -b

inxi -Fzx

fpaste --sysinfo --printonly

Have you tried booting different kernels from the grub boot menu (easier if it’s not hidden).

That kernel version might have some bugs, so using other version would helpful.

by default grub boot menu lists three kernels, just boot an older one and try it out.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a dangerous bug in 5.19.12 for machines that have an Intel iGPU. If that’s the case for you, leave out 5.19.12. (see praiskup/testtest2)

I will just wait for new kernel

I heard about this bug

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Can you please change the title to something more informative? Probably something like: “Bluetooth, Wifi and display resolution broken after update.”

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ok changed

5.19.15 will be on fedora soon, now it has testing status

5.19.15 is out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It is working

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