Wi-fi adapter doesn't work

I am using Fedora 33 (kernel version 5.9.9-200.fc33.x86_64), with gnome 3.38.1 and my “Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275” wi-fi adapter sometimes does not work, meaning that when I go into settings->wi-fi there is a message saying: “No Wi-fi Adapter Found”.
It is not a huge problem given the fact that last time(which is today) after rebooting twice it worked but I wound not want it to escalate and I would feel better if it would work as it should be.
Note that before Fedora, I had Ubuntu 20.04(also with gnome DE) and I had the same problem but it was occurring much more frequently.
I am a relatively unexperienced user so feel free to ask for any additional software and hardware informations.

Welcome to Fedora community!
Intel WiFi adapters are very well supported. Does it stop working while using internet?
The next time it happens, post here output of rfkill list, inxi -nxxxz and dmesg | grep wifi. Also run sudo powertop and check status of Runtime PM for PCI Device Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 in Tunables.


Thank you for your reply! As for your question, no it does not stop while using the internet. The problem occurs when I boot into Fedora(or maybe when I log in). Thank you for your support!