Why is Fedora not in the WSL Repo List

Fedora should be in the WSL’s repo list. Ubuntu steals percentage of Linux users by using this.

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I use Fedora for email and web surfing, but also to maintain my own (command-line batch oriented) software (originally ported from CDC Cyber to Stardent, then IRIX64, Solaris, RHEL, and macOS). Over the years I have had to replace abandoned libraries with newer, (hopefully long-term widely available) libraries along with changes to build systems, compilers, and connections to 3rd party packages.

WSL2 uses an old kernel ( on an up-to-date Windows 10 system, so needs separate testing.

I did try Fedora in WSL for a while, but found Debian adequate for my use case, have a couple machines booting Fedora directly and now hoping for a time window to add Apple silicon.

Many of my colleagues work for large enterprises that require them to use Windows, so WSL is very useful for writing shell, R and Python, etc. scripts. to run in enterprise clouds that offer linux VM’s (RHEL and Ubuntu) using browser-based interfaces (Jupyter, Rstudio, etc.).


There are legal issues that I believe prevent Fedora creating the necessary WSL app store asset. Needing to use proprietary close source code maybe? I have always be unsure of the act reason.

There is a RHEL 9 WSL available.


there is a remix available
check this out: