Why don't updates download over bittorrent or something less prone to bottlenecks?

I’m waiting for an update to finish, and the ETA for the final download has been oscillating between two and four minutes for a while. I’m not having bandwidth issues with my ISP or local network, and I see this happen fairly often, where the update filters in at a leisurely few tens of kilobits per second, slowing down near the end like grandpa running a half marathon. I don’t know why it’s slow, but I’m pretty sure it’s the server. If there were a small network of servers seeding a torrent, wouldn’t that be more reliable? It would certainly allow elastic capacity allocation. I wouldn’t expect clients to contribute, but if it were easy to do so, you might see peers pop up and seed when a publisher wants their RPM update to get out there.
I dunno, maybe this is just a rant. But the whole point is how much time I have on my hands right now.

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DNF doens’t seem to support the BitTorrent protocol yet.
You can request this feature or use a workaround.

Have you considered the dnf plugin called fastestmirror? You should try that.