Why are `max_parallel_downloads=10` and other optimizations not made to DNF by default?

Too late into my Fedora career I have discovered the dnf.conf options max_parallel_downloads=10 and fastestmirror=True

All I can say is wow.

I don’t know how I have been living with DNF in such an inferior state! My question is, why are these options not default? I see no harm in having them, as it’s always downloading the same amount of data. Am I missing something?

P.S. Is there an equivalent “hack” like this with rpm-ostree to get killer download speeds as well?

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Unfortunately not everyone can say the same about his broadband connection. Or if you download from a mobile connection, more parallel downloads means bigger load and less you can do with the connection.

Fastest mirror can within countries like south America cause a mess with Mirrors because they not have all the same content synchronized yet. At least with Debian based Linux i experienced this. Fedora has just one mirror in Brazil and in countries around is nothing much faster on.