Which font is needed to display π“ƒŸ correctly

This emoji π“ƒŸ is shown as a square witn 0130DF inside. Which font do I have to install to show the pig?

You can use gucharmap to identify what it is for:

From here you can see if there are any installed fonts that can render it with fc-list ':charset=0xF0 0x93 0x83 0x9F'

If none show up there, then it gets a little tricky, but since you know it’s in the Egyptian family, dnf search egyptian gives some clues, such as gdouros-aegyptus-fonts.

From there, sudo dnf install gdouros-aegyptus-fonts will get you a font with that symbol. After installing that, that symbol should now render like this:



Install every font package and then issue the following fc-list invocation: fc-list :charset=130DF:

sudo dnf repoquery --available --whatprovides 'font(*)' \
    | xargs sudo dnf install -y

fc-list :charset=130DF # β‘ 

β‘  I had better luck with fc-list :charset=130DF than fc-list ':charset=0xF0 0x93 0x83 0x9F'.

Admittedly, installing every font package is not ideal.

I emailed the Fonts SIG a suggestion for better discoverability of what font handles a particular code point.