Does the font, namely 'Droid Sans Thai' come along Fedora of from LibreOffice?

I have never installed additional fonts.



Open a ternimal and run the following:
sudo dnf install google-droid-sans-fonts

If everything goes well you would have Google Sans Thai on your machine.


Sorry for unclear question.

When I use LibreOffice, I can select that font, namely ‘Droid Sans Thai’.
So, I would like to ask if it comes with Fedora or from Libreoffice.
And how can I see all fonts from Fedora ?

To view all the fonts on your system:
sudo dnf install gnome-font-viewer

To view all the fonts that Fedora can provide:
sudo dnf list *fonts*

To see what comes with LibreOffice:
dnf deplist libreoffice* | grep font
My output reveals that only libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts has direct relationship with the libreoffice package. So, I guess that means that" Google Sans Thai" has no relationship with Libreoffice. Therefore, the font came from Fedora’s repository.

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You can find out what requires a particular package:

> dnf -q repoquery --whatrequires google-droid-\* 

> dnf -q repoquery --whatrequires libgs

> dnf -q repoquery --whatrequires ImageMagick-libs

So, it’s likely you have one of those packages installed.


Dear twohot,
Thank you so much for your support.
Droid Sans Thai is so good for the Thai language, I really love it.
I am using Fedora 32 Cinnamon Spins.

In this image, LibreOffice can display perfect Droid Sans Thai font ( in row number 2 to row number 7).

But starting from LibreOffice to the present version of 7.0.x.x, it does not display numeric characters normally. Please see the image.

What is the problem?
Help me please.

I get what is going on here.

Its either LibreOffice regressed OR the font did – that is what you are juggling here … right? Okay so let’s isolate the problem by testing one suspect in a different environment. How about you run inkscape, gedit,or any app that deals with texts and study the font again? If the problem is visible in other apps – then the culprit may be the font. If not, LibreOffice may have regressed.|

File a bug report against the defaulter at

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Dear Khun twohot,
I have only Text Editor in Fedora 32 Cinnamon Spins.
Droid Sans Thai is missing from the drop down list.
Please see the screenshot image.

I am running Fedora on two PCs.
On the first I have:

google-droid-sans-fonts 20200215-5

On the second:

google-droid-sans-fonts 20200215-5

Screenshot from one

Screenshot from two:

I cannot replicate your issue. Please update your system and check again.

Dear twohot,

Can you please copy and paste the text as shown below to LibreOffice Calc for 6 rows respectively and assign the font, namely Droid Sans Thai and make the screenshot ?
Thank you so much in advance.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 123467890
1234567890 quick brown foxes jumped over the lazy dogs.
1234567890 quick brown foxes jumped over the lazy dogs. 1234567890
The 1234567890 quick brown foxes jumped over the lazy dogs. 1234567890
The quick brown fox jumps over 1234567890 lazy dogs. 1234567890

I always perform the update of Fedora immediately when dnfdragora popups. I really like updating at all times.