Where is the documentation?

I’m trying to understand a little more about Fedora Cloud. There is a link to ‘Documentation’ here:

Fedora Cloud | The Fedora Project

This then points to:

In addition to the excellent Cloud Guide created by the Fedora Documentation team

But this is a broken link. Is there a guide somewhere?


I think there is no further documentation than the wiki page you were referring to.
There is What is Fedora Cloud? — Fedora Cloud 0.1 documentation if you consider that documentation. (It’s linked on The lightweight VM environment | The Fedora Project)

Here is a link to the guide, for which the link on the wiki page is broken. That draft guide is really old, incomplete and outdated. I wouldn’t use it. Cloud Guide

Correct. On the home page of Fedora Project, Fedora Cloud documentation is found by clicking ‘Learn more’ button, and on the next page ‘Documentation’.