Where is jack_delay?

I’m trying to set up my system for live processing audio and I’d like to measure round-trip latency. This is commonly done using the jack_delay (or jack_iodelay) program. However, I’ve been searching high and I’ve been searching low, yet I cannot find it in any Fedora repo. These programs seem to be included with the JACK package on other distributions.

Does anyone know where I can find them?

Thanks for any pointers!

I’am not sure if you look for that:


sudo dnf list "jack*"

jack_iodelay is in jack-audio-connection-kit-example-clients. Not sure why this package is no longer being built in F38.

I found rhbz#2203789 which may be related, but doesn’t explain why the package is just gone with no replacement path offered for the 30+ programs. I suggest you follow up there or file a new bug, to show that there is demand for it.

jack_delay is a separate program, not from JACK upstream. Source is on Fons Adriaensen’s site (see downloads).

There’s a spec file in Audinux repo, but it hasn’t been built in a while. Maybe you want to bring it back? Contributions welcome.


As I understand it, the example clients and tools were moved out of JACK into their own package jack-example-tools which isn’t in Fedora. I recently noticed I also need to do something about latency compensation and stumbled over this post in my search – I’ve packaged jack-example-tools and submitted it for review. If one of you could review it, I’d much appreciate it!

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The review is done, thanks @fed500! I’ve built the package and submitted “new package” updates:

If someone in the thread could give the packages a test and the updates karma, that’d be great!


Thank you @nphilipp I’ve tested the package and it works great!


Great to hear that!