Is possible to replace Pulse (remove it) with Jack for music production?


I’m moving to Fedora and I have a question about.

I work with music production and for that I need a high quality low latency and real time sound server. I use Jack all the time, and because of that, Pulse is irrelevant. Can I completely remove Pulse and only use Jack on Fedora 32?



why remove Pulse? First try Jack on Fedora.
just do sudo dnf install

That didn’t answer the question. I know Jack, but I would like to know if Pulse can be removed. Pulse is no use for me.

The typical solution is to use both at once. Not all applications support JACK.

You can use it on it’s own in many cases. (See the “How can I play audio from … via JACK?” portion of the JACK FAQ.)

I’ve tried getting JACK working in the past, but I simply didn’t have the patience to deal with all the issues I kept having. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than me dealing with it.

If everything you need is already working without Pulse, there’s no reason you shouldn’t simple be able to remove it.