Where has clamsmtp gone?


I’ve asked Red Hat because of a package missing in EPEL on RHEL 8 (and also CentOS 8) and the support told me to ask for that in a Fedora forum, because EPEL is a Fedora maintained project and not officially supported by Red Hat.

I’ve noticed that clamsmtp is missing in EPEL 8 (EPEL 7 provided it).

Now, can anyone tell me what happened to that package?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @arkay and welcome.

Indeed, there is not the package for EPEL 8

IMHO, you can file a bug (How to file a bug :: Fedora Docs) and ask the maintainer why the software was not packaged in the EPEL 8 repository.

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Probably because Fedora maintainers are not expected to maintain packages for EPEL. Some may, but this isn’t compulsory. A better thing to do would be to volunteer to maintain the package in EPEL.


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