Installing a package deleted from EPEL

An RPM package that is critical to our infrastructure was removed from EPEL, causing image builds to fail due to incompatibilities with the newer version of this software. See:

Ultimately, we will be porting our infrastructure to use the new version, but this is a monumental task. In the meantime, is there any way to get ahold of the old RPM (and dependencies) to be able to install this manually in new image builds?

The exact package is puppet-3.6.2-3

Thanks in advance–we’re really messed up by this move!

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Hi @cyberscribe , welcome to the community!

I expect you can get the package from the koji build system, it should be archived there:

Or you should be able to rebuild it from the sources:

It’s harder with the deps because one must figure them out and build/download them one by one.

Please note that EPEL has it’s own channels because while Fedora volunteers also volunteer for EPEL, the two are not the same. Packages in Fedora move at different speeds to EPEL and I don’t know if EPEL folks monitor Fedora support channels. So you’ll get better solutions on the EPEL channels:

PS: puppet 3.6.2 is from 2014, that seems very old:


I’ve been playing with Alma9, so I’ve gotten used to this stuff. I have a page that I’ll have to update about building rpms. Building rpms which may help. But anyway, do a web search for the srpm. I didn’t see x86_64 on rpmfind, I did see a puppet el7 sat.src.rpm.
grab the srpm, install it, which creates a spec file, then run

sudo dnf -y builddep puppet.spec. Doing it on alma9 showed it couldn’t find the dependency for facter. Then try to find an srpm for facter and repeat the process It’s annoying and time consuming but does work.
I sympathize with your situation, having been in similar ones, and hope you quickly resolve it.

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Thanks everyone for your helpful replies!

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Fedora Release Engineering does periodic archive snapshots of EPEL, usually around the time of a RHEL minor release. You can find these in the EPEL archive. The 2020-10-05 snapshot appears to have what you are looking for (assuming x86_64 architecture for the following links):

I know you linked to the devel list discussion about this, but it sounds like this caught you off guard and you found that post after the fact. If you use EPEL packages I highly encourage you to subscribe to and watch the epel-announce list. This retirement was announced back in May.