Where do I request for a kernel flag ro be enabled in builds?

I happen to need CONFIG_ACPI_EC_DEBUGFS flag for controlling fan speeds of my laptop, I usually just compile a whole new kernel but it gets time consuming when things break between minor releases. Where do I submit a request to enable it?


There already discussion about this. You could read the comment from Hans de Goede here on bugzilla.

Maybe you want to share your laptop spec and maybe there other user here could give an alternative.


My laptop is Dell G5 15 SE.

The script is GitHub - DavidLapous/DellG5SE-Fan-Linux: The Dell G5SE-5505 laptop isn't working with usual fan managers, this script is a basic alternative, it is also needed on it as dell limits the max fan speed to 4950 on linux whereas it can go as much as 5400 on windows

Actually, you could use kernel-debug version and it will give ec_sys module.

# Install kernel debug version
sudo dnf install kernel-debug kernel-debug-core kernel-debug-modules kernel-debug-modules-extra

# To avoid going to tty on booting (just in case)
sudo grubby --remove-args="3" --update-kernel=ALL

After that reboot your laptop and you will get new kernel list on top that have name with ... with debugging on the end of line. With this you don’t need to recompile manually the kernel.

Please be aware when using ec_sys module. It could break your hardware.

What is the difference between debug and normal/vanilla ?

Edit: Manually Upgrading the Kernel :: Fedora Docs

seems like it reduces performance