Where can I download ISO images for Fedora aarch64?

I run aarch64 VMs under parallels on my mac.
For F39 I used ISO images to create the VMs.

But for f40 I there are no ISO images. I installed f39 and then system-upgraded it.

Is there a reason why ISO images cannot be created for Fedora 40?

The issue is that there is no Live ISO anymore.

On my M1 iMac I have upgraded from F39 too. For F40 there is only a raw.xz file (both on the main download page, as well as on the alt downloads page).

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Anyone know why that ISO is not linked to from the fedoraproject.org downloads?

I should have said that I’m a KDE plasma user, and I did not find a KDE ISO.

I did find a Everything ISO here Index of /pub/fedora/linux/releases/40/Everything/aarch64/iso


Added f40, installation and removed f39