When running asahi-diagnose, it says that pipewire mac audio is set to "none"

When I play audio out of the speakers, it sounded a bit abnormal, so I decided to run a quick asahi-diagnose. The diagnostic output revealed the following message:

Pipewire macaudio profile is "none".
Headphones and speakers will not work. Select the "Default" or "HiFi" profile.

Heres the asahi-diagnose should you need it: # Asahi Linux System Diagnostic Dump Collected at: Fri 22 Dec 2023 05:5 - Pastebin.com

Is there cause for concern regarding this issue? Your efforts are highly appreciated, and thank you for your dedication to enhancing the user experience.

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I get the same on a system I installed fresh on Dec 20th a few days ago after GA. (M2 Air) I didn’t fiddle with any audio settings.

I think this is just a bug in the script. We’ll get it updated.