When is Fedora going to stop offering libreoffice

It seems that Red Hat is not going to offer LibreOffice and I’m sure it will affect Fedora too. I just would like to have an idea when I will have to download and install LibreOffice on my Fedora system. Thanks

There is a discussion about it here:

SIG proposal: libreoffice-sig

Discussions still occur on the devel mailing list and it will be nice when more start here on Discourse. My take on the discussion was the direction is to get it from Flatpak, but there is nothing stopping someone in the Fedora community to become a maintainer of the RPM version.


I myself don’t really care for flatpaks. I either use RPM’s or source code and compile it. If Fedora doesn’t include Libreoffice will a user be able to install it like an old distro I once used “Mandrake” or is it going to be complicated to install on Fedora. Most distro’s does make things different to their design.

Either someone maintains the package and builds rpms (lots of work) or you use the flatpak provided by upstream.

Like it or not but that’s the reality.

looks like libreoffice offers linux download in RPM. I just check it out and it offers rpm download for linux. And like I pointed out earlier that I don’t use Flatpaks. I will find rpm’s or source code. Doing source code won’t bother me as my system runs 5.8 Ghz…

I don’t really see why RedHat not offering it would matter. RedHat only ships with Gnome but that hasn’t stopped Fedora from shipping a plethora of available desktop environments.