When I dismiss new topics, they are set to Tracking instead of Normal

I’ve noticed in the last few days that when I look at my new topics on Discourse and dismiss the ones I’m not interested, they will then show in my Latest view with reply indicators. They show are though I am tracking them. This is weird because normally I only expect that behavior from topics that I’ve read through or replied and it throws me off. What’s worse is that when I then click on one of these topics to confirm my suspicion it then shows as Normal even though it was literally showing me reply counters, something that should only be happening if the topic was set to Tracking.

Is this a setting that was flipped on our end, or maybe a new config from Discourse itself? Can it be switched back so that I don’t see counters for topics I’ve never clicked on? Is anyone else bumping into this?

Not urgent. It just throws me off because it’s making me think I’ve read threads that I haven’t.

I don’t think I changed anything related to this — and I went back and looked at the log and can’t see anything relevant either. Are you, perhaps, tracking a Category or Tag that you weren’t before?

I don’t see anything different. The latest topic I saw this happen with was this one. I am not tracking Project Discussion, design, or docs.

Can you post (or send me) a screenshot?

Might be a little awkward to show with screenshots, but I’ll try.

Here is what my Latest view looked like when I got on Discussion just now. I haven’t checked what’s new yet, but I do notice the topic “A question about Fedora Cinnamon Log in”. That’s the one I’m keeping an eye on.

So I go to the New view, I see that same topic about Cinnamon, and then I dismiss all the topics because I’m not interested in them for the purposes of testing.

When I flip back to the Latest view, look who now shows as Tracking, with a count of replies and everything? Without ever opening that topic, now it looks to me as though that’s one I’ve expressed interested in before, when in reality I wasn’t. In my confusion I might waste time checking out something I wouldn’t have otherwise checked.

Plot twist: I open a new tab of the Fedora Discussion home page and now the counter is gone. I still haven’t touched that topic. Maybe there’s something there that helps explain why sometimes I will check on one of these topics that look like they’re Tracking only to see them back on Normal.

You can configure when to automatically track topics you enter in Profile > Preferences > Tracking, and adjust “Automatically track topics I enter” to your liking.

My issue isn’t adjusting the settings. It’s that topics are showing as Tracking when I did not set them to Tracking. Even checking again now I don’t have Project Discussion set to Tracking.

However, I think we’ll just leave this alone for now. I noticed that if I dismiss New topics and then go back to the Latest view and then refresh the page, the New topics that showed as Tracking no longer show as Tracking. Just seems like a weird bug.

One of the Discourse people tells me they have seen this before too but haven’t found an easy way to reproduce. They’ll keep an eye out for it though.

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