Whats the Desktop folder for?

Silly question but, what is the Desktop folder intended use ? Looking at the default folder structure most of the directories are self explanatory, and there is stuff like the Models folder that has some functionality tied to it, but the Desktop is a bit open ended, especially on a DE that doesn’t come with an active desktop by default. Is it just a legacy thing ?


I guess as some DE supports displaying file contents on the “Desktop” directly, so the Desktop folder is there by default.


My question is somehow related. I’m wondering why it’s not possible to drop links to the desktop or to view folders or network devices on the desktop via icons. I searched for such an extension to activate that, but hadn’t found one or got confused.

For Hyperlinks I can imagine security reasons, but actually, the desktop has no real function in the case it’s not possible to populate it with personalised stuff, icons, folder links, whatever.

Out of the, it doesn’t work on my machine. I wound be interested how to get this functionality. I used other Linux distribution and always had this functionality…

Can anyone help?

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Desktop icons support depends on the desktop environment. Assuming you are using GNOME, it doesn’t support showing desktop icons, you need an extension for that. Some distros ship GNOME with some extensions pre-installed, Fedora doesn’t, it is vanilla GNOME with no extensions at all. Did you try this extension:



This one works. Thanks a lot!

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