Place folders and files in Desktop and Drag and Drop Option

I cannot create or keep files in desktop. I used both Gnome and Gnome (Xorg) at login. Why something so simple is not possible in Gnome?

I also CANNOT drag and drop files or folders from Desktop to any folder (eg: Music, Pictures, Downloads) to desktop.

They are so basic functionality and I need for daily use. Any solution?

GNOME does not support icons on the desktop by default as a design decision. It isn’t meant to be part of the metaphor for use. However, this being open source, there are ways to do just about everything. The easiest is probably to use the Desktop Icons Shell Extension.

In Fedora Workstation, you should be able to find this by running the Software tool and searching for “desktop icons”.


Less easy than what @mattdm suggested, but still a viable option: use one of Fedora’s other desktop environments that will support desktop icons and other niceties like not removing the ability to run binaries from the file manager.

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Hi @fedoraplex: welcome to the community! Can you please elaborate on what you tried to do? Seems to work fine here:


(converted a screencast to a gif with peek, so not the cleanest—sorry).

Thank you @mattdm, hope they will include such a basic feature in future. I really like Gnome above among the other environments, I think it really gives a Linux feeling (it’s different, simple, effective).

@FranciscoD thank you for your help! What I mean is to drag and drop a folder for eg. Pictures folder to Desktop. (Not desktop folder).
I even tried after installing “desktop icons” extension but does not work.!

Please see image attached/below:


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This functionality is not supported in the design philosophy of the gnome desktop. There is no concept of desktop icons at all in the default gnome experience.


I see! Thanks. Although it’s a very piratical feature.