What's the best solution for screen recording onWayland vs xorg?

I see that Fedora is built on top of Wayland. I am not anti Wayland but I see some apps won’t work on it. Namely screen recording software that need Xorg to run. For the moment it’s not a big deal. I can simply reboot into windows to use some screen recording software and as much of my stuff is web-based I can still manage it. However being able to do it from within Fedora would be nice.

I am using the KDE spin of Fedora currently.

I suppose I could simply wait for screen recording software to catch up is Wayland is supposed to be the future from what I gather but most of the screencast software seem to recommend using Xorg.

As I say it’s not a big issue right now but I’m just thinking about the future so I am just curious about what other people are using to do this.

I tested kooha in gnome under wayland.
It is installed as flatpack.

Yeah, there are some applications that aren’t compatible with wayland.

I usually use X instead of wayland for that reason. Also, you don’t need to boot into Windows, you could just log into a X session…

How does one do that?

From sddm(the login screen), there should be a way to select your session and there should be both a wayland and an x11 session to choose from.

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On the bottom left you have the selector between Wayland (default) & X11.

On Gnome it is on the right side, you have a Gear where you can select several options. Also Wayland is default. You have to click first into the password field that the gear appears.


OBS Studio (flatpak) works for screen recording.

GPU Screen Recorder. Though it only works under Xorg and with Nvidia cards. (flatpak).

I eventually found it at the bottom left of login screen. Thanks.

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I’m running Xorg until Wayland matures a bit more, or until Nvidia fixes their proprietary drivers to be more compatible with Wayland. I made this change to default to X:

Open /etc/gdm/custom.conf

Uncomment the following line:

Add the following line to the [daemon] section:

Save the custom. conf file.
Logout or reboot to enter the new X11 session.

I use ‘simplescreenrecorder’.
Available in the fedora repo and allows selecting entire screen or a designated area. Creates an mp4 for you.

Only drawback is that it is designed for xorg, but does work on wayland to some degree.