What version NVIDIA to install?

SO the gremlins are NVIDIA have been very busy, releasing FOUR DRIVERS in the span of FOUR DAYS.

But their versioning is confusing.

I installed the 440.13 and it’s running finer than a frog hair.

But the next version released the next day was called 418.113? I ain’t no arthimagenius, but don’t seem right.

The same day, they released 430.64. Maybe there was a sale on bourbon?

Three days later they released 390.132. Maybe it was Friday and they figured, “YOLO!”

Please advise which driver I should be running.

the one rpmfusion provides !

otherwise you need to install it anyway if you need to fill bug reports, which are not necessarily nvidia related bugs (keywords “taints kernel”).


How do I check the rpm fusion version number? :question:

usually when you surf to rpmfusion.org and search there !


I use only the rpmfusion versions, and this HowTo is very helpful.

BTW, the list of proper drivers for specific cards explains the confusion. For example, the 390 version will not work on the latest cards, the 440 driver will not work on the older cards, etc. You need to know which card you have installed in order to select the proper driver – it is all in the Howto.