What rpmfusion codecs and drivers am I missing?

So I want to build my own image based on uBlue’s scripts and Fedora Kinoite.

This really is an awesome thing. I will do extensive overlays and overrides, because I dont care, its done once on Github and then everyone gets the distro image, updated once a day.

Now that I have this perspective, I ask myself what am I missing currently?

I would just want to be sure and have all codecs and drivers installed on the system.

  1. Is that stupid? I will still use mostly Flatpaks.

Having an actually working Firefox and others on the other hand could mean that I use that again, to get native messaging and drag&drop back, which are pretty important for a lot.

But in general I feel like I want flatpaks only, as much as I can. For small apps the runtime and everything sometimes is that absurdly big it makes no sense. But for bigger apps, always.

  1. Should I add the *freeworld codecs/drivers or replace them immediately?

For example libavcodec + libavcodec-freeworld. Main package wenn maintained, small addition for the extras. Or I remove all libav packages (libavutil-free libswscale-free libswresample-free libavformat-free libavcodec-free libpostproc-free libavfilter-free) and install ffmpeg kffmpegthumbnailer instead. I think this may have more features like ffmpeg being installed, the other way doesnt, right?

I also saw x264 x265 are in rpmfusion, both Libre and developed by Videolan, best performance and so on.

Now I am confused if I should remove all codecs and install ffmpeg x264 x265 instead. Does ffmpeg contain its own encoders by default, or if you install it together does it use these instead?

  1. Drivers for hardware?

There is mesa-vdpau-drivers and mesa-va-drivers both as freeworld. These are additions, right? Can someone explain what they actually do?

  1. More licensed stuff

alsa-plugins-freeworld alsa-plugins-freeworld-lavrate gstreamer1-plugins-bad-freeworld gstreamer1-plugins-ugly libde265 libheif

What is the difference to x265 ?

I see there some probably make no sense, as I use flatpak image viewers. But do these have any purpose for a regular setup?

  1. Preinstalling rust packages

rust cargo specifically. That way you should be able to build and install rust apps natively. I think this is possible with cmake, but not sure. This would be a good Toolbox usecase, but would there be any harm preinstalling it?


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