What is the UEFI OS boot option in the BIOS menu?


I was changing boot order in my BIOS menu and I saw the UEFI OS boot option.

This is all the boot option I have :
P0: Crucial_CT…
P5: Samsung SSD…
UEFI OS (P5: Samsung SSD…)
Fedora (P5: Samsung SSD…)
Windows Boot Manager (P0: Crucial_CT…)
P1: ST3000…
Realtek PXE B03 D00

What is it ? And in what is it different from the Fedora boot option ? What will happen if I choose to boot first on the SSD directly like if I choose P5: Samsung SSD…

Thank you.

It is quite possible that there was an old entry left behind if you re-installed some OS multiple times. To see your current boot entries you can use


In the output you should see “BootCurrent” entry number which corresponds to one of the entries in the list. For example, if you’re using BootCurrent 0000 and you have “Boot0000” and “Boot0004” that are labeled “Fedora” then the one you’re using is “Boot0000”. If you have no use for the other one you can remove it with something like:

efibootmgr -B -b 0004
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It is impossible. I just bought this SSD (the P5: Samsung SSD…) and just installed Fedora on it.

EFI variables are not all stored on the ssd, most likely entry was left behind from install on old drive.

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