What is the difference between centos steam 9 vs fedora 34/35


This info was not available in askfedora or outside askfedora i did not find it.
Just for curiosity and i was thinking to move to a more stable os so i find cent os steam but the iso was 8 gb i don’t know what it contains for fedora it is 2gb could someone give me info about centos 9 steam which is based on f34 and f34/35.
What are the extra i can get if i switch to cent steam9 os… is it more secure.

CentOS Stream is more stable in the sense of fewer changes between releases, it is also considered to be more polished in the sense fewer potential issues, so it helps reduce maintenance costs/time, although it mostly suits servers and corporate workstations.

Fedora has greater community support, more packages and can faster adopt new package versions.


Yes and why cent os has a so much larger iso like 4x larger what is better in it.

It should include most popular packages from the repos:
This can be useful for offline installation when internet connectivity is restricted/metered.

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