What is ntfs/ntfs-3g in Fedora?


I am wondering how I might format a drive as ntfs-3g (NOT to be confused with NTFS) in Fedora 35. The standard ‘Disks’ application does not have ntfs-3g as an option.

Thanks for any help!

Ntfs 3g is nothing it is ntfs
Ntfs 3g is a opensource implementation of microsofts preparatory ntfs filesystem
Here you can look into it

You will see ntfs in disks but it will use the NTFS-3G opensource driver package for doing the instruction for format that partition to be used in windows compatible format.and in the 5.15 kernel ntfs support has been better implemented into the kernel it self so ntfs-3g is a driver name not a formating instruction.

NTFS-3g is kernel driver to use,recognized read and write NTFS file system. you can format your NTFS partition from gparted or diska. What do you mean standard ‘Disks’ application doesn’t have ntfs-3g as an option? ntfs-3g is for ntfs, you can’t find ntfs-3g file system in gparted or in diska, because it just name for kernel driver ntfs, you can find ntfs both in gparted or diska, see my SS below


Thanks for both your answers.

I suppose I’m going to have to do some more troubleshooting on the problem I’m trying to solve with ntfs-3g:

Steam games fail to launch from any drive with any file system.

I heard recently that formatting as ntfs-3g would fix that, it appears I’ve actually been doing that all along.

No file system is not an issue here. And i think if you are talking about steam games is not loading kindly put a another topic so we can see the issues here. Now when you post the thread kindly provde some hardware info also along with the topic.
And close this as it was dedicated for ntfs-3g and ntfs info. And in this community it steam and proton game related topic we need as in next week or months we get more issues about that as steam game gets more title verified.

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I made the first one as an ans as what he asked seems like he was not aware of that ntfs and ntfs 3g same and he find some article so he was confused there. Rather the important question was he could not run games in steam so it require a topic so i suggested. Closely this this means just leave this and make another one.