What is libfprint TOD and why it is not in official repos?

Check out the COPR repo. I uploaded it on there.

After trying these commands, I got the Fingerprint enrollment in Gnome settings. This solved the issue.

Thanks @antiderivative .

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My fingerprint sensor is
27c6:55a2 Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd.

How can I make it work with Fedora?

Hi @mahdif62 ,

Please check through the internet if we have a driver provided for this device by Lenovo. Then, we can make it work for Fedora.

Please stop using this thread for general β€œis my laptop sensor supported by libfprint?” stuff.

For anyone on the immutable variants, this also works. You can install COPRs using a copr command replacement like this

And through RPM files you can do all these changes to the immutable filesystem.

This is gong way off topic.