Finger Print no devices found

Hi, guys

I’m with Fedora 32 and my finger print is not found.
fprintd-list paul
No devices found
The laptop is Lenovo Idea Pad 3
Kernel - 5.8.15.-201

There is a bunch of people facing the same problem.

The device is not supported, and will likely never receive support… You should contact Lenovo and ask them why they ship hardware without linux driver?

Next time, buy a proper Lenovo machine (X or T series) and your fingerprint reader will work out of the box.

Not necessarily, unfortunately. I am using a Thinkpad X1 Tablet, and they also use a fingerprint reader without driver.

Apparently (I don’t know if it is true, so consider it with a grain of salt) Lenovo has changed for some of the newer devices the fingerprint reader brand. This new manifacturer does not build drivers for Linux, and also makes it very hard to create one (very bad obfuscation etc.)

So, several other brands are affected, too.