What access rights should a network mount point have? (CIFS)

Hi all,

I have a very basic question concerning network shares. I have a NAS device at home with a couple of shares which I’d like to mount on my Fedora 34 installation using fstab.

I created a .credentials file on my user’s home directory including, I created mount points as root for each share under /media for example /media/documents /media/photos et…

Question is, what access rights should be set on these mount points?
As I’m figuring my way out, I took the dirty road and set these to 777 (chmod 777 /media/documents) but I would like to clean up things and make sure what the correct settings are.

To make things clear: the networks shares work, the fstab entries are correctly read, I can access and read/write on the shares.

Thanks in advance…

The mount point can use ownership/permissions matching its parent directory:

sudo umount "${DIR}"
sudo chmod --reference="${DIR}/.." "${DIR}"
sudo chown --reference="${DIR}/.." "${DIR}"
sudo mount -a

The original ownership/permissions don’t matter when the target is already mounted:
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