WebDAV high memory consumption


I’ve rented cloud space to create a remote borg backup. My provider allows me to access the drive using WebDAV, which seems to be working great with the standard Gnome file manager (Nautilus, if I remember correctly).

I can initialise a repo and start a backup. However, the file system process for the WebDAV mount fills my entire RAM. Is this normal? I assume the virtual FS does a lot of buffering, perhaps somebody knows how to configure this?


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This should be handled by GVFS which is a part of GNOME.
So, I believe you are more likely to get an answer here:

Thanks for the hint. I ahve asked the question. For future reference: It can be found here.

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An alternative for backup to WebDav storage (and many other cloud storage systems), is rclone. Very reliable, and it uses about 40M RAM when uploading at 4Mbytes/s.

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