Webcam background removal?

I did everything but only video delay pops up.

Do you see it under effects?

Here’s what I see when I go to add Effect Filters after installing StreamFX:

I was able to get a decent one without a green screen using the Mask with Invert Region to dial it in.

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There’s no blur effect. I will try reinstalling the plugins. Or is there a simpler way ?
These are the instructions to install the plugin.

  1. Download the latest Production or Testing release of your choice for Linux.
  2. Extract the archive to ~/.config/obs-studio/. (If you installed OBS via flatpak the correct location is ~/.var/app/com.obsproject.Studio/config/obs-studio/)
  3. Done, you can now launch OBS Studio and StreamFX should load.
    Now , which asset should I use ? I would use this one after that I would extract the archive to the correct flatpak location . Which command should I use ?

If it’s helpful, here are the blur settings that seem to work well for me:


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I used that one. Make sure to extract it all to the ~/.var/app/com.obsproject.Studio/config/obs-studio/ folder, including the plugins folder at the root of the archive and then restart OBS. You should be a splash page for it when you launch OBS if you installed it right.

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I just tried to use this for a Zoom meeting and hit this bug, for what it’s worth: Virtual Camera will start one time and will not restart until reboot · Issue #4808 · obsproject/obs-studio · GitHub

I’m using the RPM version, so maybe you’ll be lucky and not have the same issue with flatpak?

This workaround got it working for me in the meantime:

  1. Stop OBS
  2. sudo modprobe -r v4l2loopback
  3. sudo modprobe v4l2loopback
  4. Start OBS again
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How do I extract the file ?

And what are the terminal commands for the other steps ?

I have to work on my terminal commands.

You can extract it with unzip. I just used the graphical utility in gnome when I did it.

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I did that as well but I can’t open the ~/.config/obs-studio/ , how do I do that ?

Depending on the desktop environment, Alt + . or Ctrl + h should show hidden files (on *nix systems, hidden files and directories begin with a “.”)

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Nope , I can’t find the file :joy:
I would like to perform the action like in this video

Which command is the equivalent of xdg open (Ubuntu ) for Fedora ?

$ unzip -d~/.config/obs-studio/
checkdir:  cannot create extraction directory: ~/.config/obs-studio
           No such file or directory

What should I do ?

Create the directory first, via your terminal app:

mkdir ~/.config/obs-studio

It may echo that the directory already exists (see below).

Then run this command, corrected from yours above:

unzip -d ~/.config/obs-studio/

Attention here: There was a space missing in your command, before this part:


I fixed that in the command I gave you in this post. So maybe the mkdir command I gave at first isn’t even necessary, because the dir ~/.config/obs-studio/ already exists.

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Thank you , you helped me solve my issue. :kissing_heart:

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StreamFX doesn’t seem usable on Linux any more. There is no binary release which can be installed the way their install instructions describe. The above mentioned ZIP file, no longer exists.

0.11.1 doesn’t even build on F39.

Is there any way to achieve this without this broken StreamFX?