We really do need to have a working rescue option for Fedora Linux

So this is something that seems to come up regularly enough that it seems a continuous issue with Fedora Linux. There is no satisfactory rescue method available to users of Fedora Linux aside from the excellent howto’s and documentation, which are neither available normally for the person trying to rescue their system. I point to this discussion in ask.fp.o as further proof of user pain https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/not-boot-not-disks/21992. This person really wants to use Fedora Linux, and is obviously giving it the good old college try, but they are having difficulties that would be readily solvable with a rescue mode for the live image, is it no longer an option on the live image?


Pop!_OS does a pretty great job when it comes to this, offering a rescue mode even inside the distro itself after installing, with a GNOME Settings panel for it and everything. There’s at least a thing or two that can be taken from their approach to it.


This is probably a better topic for the devel mailing list. The Council can’t do much here and FESCo members pay more attention to the devel list than they do Discussion (I’d argue we shouldn’t have a fesco tag, but that’s a matter for another thread).

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Hi @bcotton,
Sorry about the tag, and I’ll bring it up on the develop list as well. Unfortunately I seem to be unable to delete the tag after assigning it, hmm.

@steiner : Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out, I’ve never used Pop!_OS.


Just noting that here’s the devel list thread (thanks @jakfrost !)