Wacom bamboo ink stylus

Hello, I have a Huawei matebook e model BL-W09, which has a wacom digitizer, and i bought a wacom bamboo ink stylus to be able to do some note taking, the stylus pair but it doesnt appear on the stylus menu under settings, not only that but for some reason It only works in a portion of the screen, even though when i am not writing the tracking works flawlessly all over the screen. I am new to linux so i am not sure what information i can provide that will be usefull, i would apreciate the help. Thanks in advance

One stupid question: did you install the wacom software for Fedora? https://linuxwacom.github.io/?
wacom-utility-1.21-4.1.noarch.rpm Fedora 34 Download ?

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Yes, i have the libwacom drivers installed and updated, i think they come pre-install with fedora, do i also need the input-wacom and xf86-input-wacom one?

On How to Setup Wacom Tablet on Linux? - TechSphinx input-wacom is mentioned. A link is added.
There it says: Building The Driver · linuxwacom/xf86-input-wacom Wiki · GitHub
On How to Setup Wacom Tablet on Linux? - TechSphinx some testto see if your wacom is connected.

Thank you for the help, I’ve been reading the documentation for the drivers and discover some things . First since i am running wayland the Xf86 driver doesn’t work since its a driver for Xorg, second i discovered that on the list of tablet descriptors the guys have on GitHub my tablet doesn’t appear so i already submitted a report for it to be added, and last but not least since there is no tablet descriptor i might need to open a bug report on the drivers github. might try the xf86 driver under a Xorg session to see how it goes.

Once again thanks allot for the help really apreciate it

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