Vmware Workstation no internet on vmnet8

I’m running vmware workstation 17 on Fedora 39.
I’ve installed pfsense as guest and is connected to 3 virtual networks.
the vmnet8 (NAT) connection is used as WAN for the pfsense.
The problem is that I don’t have a working internet connection on vmnet8.


Anyone any idea how I could fix this?


Is there a reason you cannot use kvm/qemu via libvirt in place of VMware?
It is possible to convert VMware VMs to kvm format and leave VMware behind.

As for the problem you see I dont know the answer, have you tried asking on a vmware forum?

Thanks for the reply!

The reason why I use vmware, is because it’s the software that’s used for my studies.
I’ll try the Virt manager, as I don’t want to use Windows :slight_smile: