An GPIB / HPGL plotter emulator.

This program acts as a plotter device on the GPIB. The plots display on the screen and can be printed or saved as files in PDF, SVG or PNG formats. It has been tested on the HP8753C network analyzer and HP8595E spectrum analyzer.

Installation Instructions

The Linux GPIB driver must be installed for this program to function, although the program may work with the National Instruments GPIB library.

sudo dnf copr enable vk2bea/HPGLplotter sudo dnf copr enable vk2bea/GPIB sudo dnf install HPGLplotter sudo dnf install dkms-linux-gpib linux-gpib

If you have not previously installed the linux- GPIB driver, edit the /etc/gpib.conf file to add descriptive identifiers and default settings for controllers and devices. (see https://linux-gpib.sourceforge.io/doc_html/configuration-gpib-conf.html)

Firmware is required for some GPIB devices. For USB devices that require firmware loading, a udev rule triggers this.

sudo dnf install linux-gpib-firmware

These devices require firmware loading:

  • NI GPIB-USB-B (note: NI GPIB-USB-HS/HS+ does not need firmware)
  • HP/Agilent/Keysight:
    • 82341C
    • 82341D
    • 82350A
    • 82357A
    • 82357B

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