VirtualBox network setup

What kind of guest network setup (NAT, bridged, etc) is recommended for a virtualbox (Windows 7) VM that is used for a voip application?

I had been using the default NAT and it worked fine. But when I had some voip issues (probably unrelated to vbox), the problem of double NAT-ing was brought up. I set up port forwarding between the guest and host for the ports the application uses.

I also tried bridged, but the network adapter being used is wireless (RTL8822BE using driver rtw_8822be and kernel module rtw88_8822be). Using bridged seems to cause my entire (host and guest) system to freeze after some time. The manual has some caveats about bridging with wireless, but not sure if it explains freezes:
For the adapter type setting, I tried both the standard “Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)” and virtio (after installing the virtio driver in the guest). I saw no difference, other than Task manager reporting a 100Gbps link (!!) with virtio instead of the usual 1Gpbs.