Using usermod and Android ADB fails

I try to use ADB on my phone, but adb doesnt work out of the box.

I try to add the current user to the group “plugdev” which is what adb wants.

sudo groupadd plugdev
usermod -aG plugdev $USER

when showing groups I see no plugdev. When showing groups $USER I see user, wheel, plugdev.

Still when trying to do adb reboot bootloader it says I am not in the plugdev group.

This probably needs sudo as well.

You have to logout and back in for group changes to take effect.

ADB does not require extra groups on Fedora.
Make sure to enable USB debugging on your phone.
If the issue persists, revoke USB debugging authorizations.
If you have installed USBGuard, temporarily stop it.
Also try a different USB cable and USB port.

Weird yes it is enabled. I also installed android-tools locally, because I thought Distrobox might not work but that was not the cause