Using Quarkus and Mutiny to write Java asynchronous code

Summary: Describe how to install the Java Quarkus framework and utilize it to build asynchronous programs with Mutiny.

Description: The article would explain how to use the command line to install, build, develop and execute Java. On Fedora, the work-flow requires jdk-11 and maven installs. Utilization of the OS and underling architecture can be enhanced by this modern programming paradigm. The steps involved would be:

* Why Quarkus and Mutiny.
* What is asynchronous programming and why it is important.
* Install the jdk and maven
* Execute a supplied maven call to setup Quarkus and Gradle.
* Include Java code(less than 200 lines) as the how-to.
* Describe how to run and develop under Quarkus.
* Generate an independent jar for stand-alone execution.
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+1! Thanks Dave. We have been short on contributors lately. :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 from me as well, @daveome
I’ve opened Pagure card #81 to track this article.

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Thanks for offering to contribute to the Fedora Magazine.

@glb @rlengland Not sure what I’m getting into…will check out writing-an-article

@daveome it sounds more complicated than it really is and we are here to help you through it.

I think @daveome meant he was proposing an article, not intending to write one. It is a good and relevant topic to cover, since Quarkus is great for cloud native application development. Anyone familiar with the subject matter (nudging you @daveome :wink: ), could likely put one together rather easily. Quarkus is a pleasure to develop with.