Using DNF group remove @kde-desktop-environment removes Gnome WiFi dependencies

I use Fedora 33.

I noticed an issue with groups in DNF. This is what I did:

  1. Pressed Ctrl+Alt+F#, changing to a console
  2. Input dnf group remove @kde-desktop-environment, removing KDE
  3. Logout of console
  4. Login to GNOME
  • Wi-Fi is no longer present in the settings
  • Wi-Fi is missing from the overview
  • Wi-Fi is not possible in MATE or GNOME

I am not sure which packages KDE removed that GNOME is dependent on for Wi-Fi, as dnf group install @gnome-desktop and dnf group info @gnome-desktop do not mention the networkmanager-submodules group as a dependency.

I understand the wider part of what DNF was doing with my system, but I wasn’t expecting it to remove Wi-Fi. I needed to tether my phone to secure an internet connection to repair my system, especially because KDE was broken and I wasn’t going to use it (which is why I removed it).

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It took a bit of fiddling, but I have my system back to a state where I am happy with my “default” Fedora installation.

I needed to uninstall the gnome-desktop group, and then install it again alongside the workstation-product-environment group to reacquire the Intel wireless firmware and related packages.

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