"User Conversations" and "Contributor Discussion" spaces: thoughts needed

In my room setup proposal, I suggested (among others), spaces like this:

  • User Conversations
    • General #fedora:fedoraproject.org (bridged to #fedora on IRC)
    • Get Help #help:fedoraproject.org (new room, possibly with Ask Fedora bridge)
  • Contributor Discussion
    • Fedora Devel #devel:fedoraproject.org [bridged to #fedora-devel]
    • Join Fedora #join:fedoraproject.org [bridged to #fedora-join]
    • Social #social:fedoraproject.org [also bridged to #fedora-social]

However, since then, two things have happened.

First, the #fedora channel people have convinced me that we should not start out with a split #help channel, as that’s what the general channel on IRC is already for. So, okay, we’re going to see how that goes – which leaves User Conversations as a lonely only child in that space.

Second, in practice it turns out that long space names are not handled well by the Element web UI or Android client. It looks like this:


… with “Discussion” truncated.

So, I need help with two things.

Thing one: should we merge these two categories? Keeping them distinct can mean fewer misdirected support requests, and it might mean a friendlier space for new users (or even contributors) who might be wary of setting virtual foot in what seems like an engineering/developer/expert space. So I can see pros and cons to both.

Second: whether merge or keep, what’s a good short name to use?

Third: If we do want to keep them separate, are there more rooms (existing or new) that might really make sense to put under the User section? (Maybe including arguing for #help after all?)

How about “Users” and “Contributors”? We could put #social in the User space. And maybe announcements/RSS channels.

I have a gut dislike for “Users” and “Contributors” as bare words as the labels. I don’t want to divide people in that way. I just want to organize the chat topics. Plus it’s confusing because all of the other spaces (like Project Teams) are also for contributors as well.

I guess I’m leaning towards ditching the distinction and making it just something like “Conversation”, Which I like because this site is Discussion. :slight_smile:

In fact, I went ahead and changed it to my idea, to see how it feels. Let me know, everyone, if you hate it. :slight_smile:

I can dig it.

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